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Meet Our Wonderful Artisan Producers

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Native Hebridean Smoked Scottish Salmon

Native Hebridean Smoked Scottish Salmon is a multi-award-winning product produced exclusively at the Harris & Lewis Smokehouse in Stornoway.

Our artisan smokers hand-cure only fresh fillets using our ‘Traditional Island Recipe’ before gently smoking in traditional pebble-lined kilns using wood shavings of aged Scotch whisky barrels for a unique taste of the Scottish Hebridean Islands.

Only salmon with pure Hebridean ancestry, sustainably raised on the Hebridean Islands and West Coast of Scotland, are cured and smoked to produce Native Hebridean Smoked Scottish Salmon.

What’s more, only the exact amount of cure necessary is hand-massaged into each fresh fillet, meaning there is no need to rinse off excess ingredients and waste water before smoking.

A unique fresh ‘Taste of the Hebrides’!



the wild hebrides snack company

The Wild Hebrides Snack Company is based in Stornoway, and was was founded in 2022 by Jane & Hugh when, after many months of product research and trials, we decided to launch our hand-crafted, allergy-free kettle corn as our introduction into the snack market.

All our products are vegan and free from the 14 main allergens, with our caramel varieties constructed using our own handmade caramel sauce produced on site in our allergen free kitchen.

We decided to go the vegan and allergen free route after Jane and our daughter, Lucy, were both diagnosed celiac and with Lucy also having a dairy intolerance. The difficulty we found trying to find suitable snacks prompted us to begin our journey.

Our kitchen has been converted from an old stable and is completely allergen free, none of the main 14 allergens are permitted on site at any time; this way we can guarantee completely allergen free products.

Email -

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Uig Lodge Smoked Salmon

Situated on the most north westerly point of Scotland - in Uig on the Isle of Lewis - looking out towards the Atlantic, Uig Lodge has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest smoked salmon in the British Isles.

The pure, cool, fast-flowing Hebridean waters provide an ideal environment for nurturing a lean, firm-textured farmed fish which is so crucial for the smoking process.

The fresh salmon are hand cured and then placed in the kiln above smouldering oak chips, allowing the distinct Uig flavour to develop. After smoking, the salmon are vacuum packed for despatch.

A true taste of the Hebrides…


macleod & macleod butchers -

suppliers of the original stornoway black pudding 


Started in 1929 by Kenny Macleod and his bother-in-law Donald Macleod, Kenny's son, Willie, took on the business in the early 60s.

On his father's retirement, Willie's son, Kenneth, took on his father's role within the business; since then Kenneth has continued in business and in 2015 was joined in the family-run business by his eldest son, James, and more recently in 2021 by his youngest son, Kyle, giving the business a real family feel.

MacLeod & MacLeod have successfully built upon the reputation established by the MacLeod family to become a premier producer of Stornoway Black Pudding throughout Scotland.

In August 2021, Macleod & Macleod received the ultimate accolade for the famous and hugely popular Stornoway Black Pudding when they were awarded the Great Taste 3 Star award and the Nigel Barden Heritage Award for the Black Pudding: awards that recognise the work and efforts of generations past and present and of the staff that have produced the Black Pudding over many years.

A traditional and well-loved 'Taste of the Hebrides'.


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Stag Bakeries

In a competitive market where mass production continues to be the dominant force, Stag Bakeries offers its growing number of discerning customers something less ordinary.

Stag Bakeries has been an integral part of Scotland’s beautiful Hebridean landscape since 1885. Today as the company grows we remain a family business where our skilled workforce continues to uphold our core values. Attention to detail, pride in our work and a cast-iron commitment to customer satisfaction, are still firmly at the heart of everything we do.

Our state of the art artisan bakery in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, uses traditional methods and only the finest ingredients. Add a healthy measure of creativity and you have a range of award-winning products for every occasion – water biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread – just a small part of our extensive range.

Created with love and imagination, packed with character and flavour and baked just for you from original recipes, our products have a known and trusted provenance.

A Taste of the Hebrides that combines traditional recipes with new flavours.


hebridean charcuterie

For a taste sensation try 'Wild & Free Salami', a rich, handmade, artisan product from the Outer Hebrides. 
The salami features meats from wild red deer and greylag goose, both of which roam extensively across the Outer Hebrides, and free range pork sourced locally. We hand make each small batch in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. The combination of fine meats, with a little black pepper and garlic, provides a bold and satisfying taste like no other. 
Each meat takes centre stage on your palate at different points in the tasting experience. A firm family favourite as a starter on its own, or as part of a wider charcuterie board, this salami could also be the star ingredient in your signature dish. 
Our packets feature an ancient Nordic King image inspired by the famous Lewis Chessmen as the Outer Hebrides were once ruled by Norway.

We don't use plastic in our packaging - just compost the inner sleeve (or, if you prefer, pop it in the bin - it will dissolve away) and recycle the outer cardboard envelope.

A new taste of the Hebrides ...


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the stornoway smokehouse

The Stornoway Smokehouse is a family business run by father and son, Alasdair and Ranald Fraser, and produces Smoked Salmon, Roast Smoked Salmon, Whisky-Cured Salmon, Kippers and Smoked Cheese.

We are the heirs to 150 years of smoking tradition, located in Stornoway on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis, the old centre of the herring industry. We are the last who smoke our own fish in a seasoned brick kiln over smouldering embers, whilst using our own unique recipe. This allows the salmon to cure slowly over four to five days, as was the Stornoway way. The methods we use can curtail our production quantities, but they greatly enhance the quality of our succulent smoked fish.

We are one of the leading producers of traditionally slow-cured smoked salmon in the world. As an artisan producer, we craft small amounts of our Stornoway Double-Smoked Salmon for discerning customers who appreciate its multi-layered complexity and lingering subtleties. This splendid smoked fish, a true luxury item, can be used in many recipes, from salads to sushi, as well as enjoyed on its own, or accompanied by a number of sides.

A very traditional and well-known 'Taste of the Hebrides'.



Artisan Mustard – your MUST-have from the HEBrides


We are an artisan mustard manufacturer in the Isle of Harris, Scotland, and have set ourselves the goal of producing excellent mustard for natural seasoning. We are on a mission to bring mustard back to the status it deserves.

We're as keen as mustard to tell you that mustard is more than just a blob on your plate or only goes with steak and sausages. Sadly, over the years people have forgotten that good mustard is much more than the soulless industrial pastes commonly found today.

Mustard is such a versatile addition to any culinary dish. Try it out! You will be surprised at how mustard lifts, develops and improves your cuisine. Cooking with Mustheb mustards will provide some exceptional and delicious taste surprises.

The face behind Mustheb is Heike, born in a German mustard stronghold, Düsseldorf, where the oldest existing brand of mustard in Germany is still produced. As a child in her Grannie’s kitchen, Heike learned to make preserves and pickles, and today she feels blessed when making mustard, when the sound of the working mill fills the kitchen and she inhales the aromas of fresh mustard, spices and vinegar, happy as a child at the fair when the ingredients combine to create her delicious and unique mustard.

An innovative, spicy and exciting Taste of the Hebrides!


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Our artisan chocolates are all hand-tempered. We don’t have any giant tempering machines. It’s a lengthy and messy process to get the perfect tastes and shine to our chocolates. We now have a chocolate production room and small shop which has allowed us to expand and employ three young islanders.

We use sustainable chocolate brands, such as Casa Luker, a Colombian based company that uses “fino de aroma” cocoa beans – this is the top 8% of cocoa beans produced world-wide.

We feel it is extremely important to know the origins and working ethics of the farms when selecting the brands we use. 

We have blended our own 78% Flavour dark chocolate. Because of Brexit delivery issues, we changed our milk and white chocolate suppliers to Stewart and Arnold, who use African beans and are part of Barry Callebaut cocoa horizons project, as is the Ruby chocolate we use. 

Our most popular filled chocolate is the white chocolate shell filled with Harris gin and pink grapefruit. Chris’s favourite filling is the passionfruit and chilli – we are now growing our own chillies and other herbs and hope to use them for our chocolate fillings very soon!

Based at Talla na Mara on the Isle of Harris, Chris & Nicola at Flavour Chocolate deliver a deliciously sweet and succulent "Taste of the Hebrides"!


flavour chocolate

Hebridean Teastore

The Hebridean Teastore, selling speciality Tea and Coffee, is located in Stornoway and began in business in 2013. They stock over 150 different teas and tisanes, among which are their own blends. Their Hebridean range of teas "was inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the Hebrides", and conjures the evocative tastes and aromas to be found there.

The Hebridean Teastore takes its ethical responsibility towards its tea farmers and the environment seriously. They say: "all our teas come from carefully selected tea estates, and our suppliers are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership or similar organisations. They all guarantee that the tea is grown, harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly way, and that the farmers and workers on the tea estates have the best possible working conditions and wages. The bags we pack our tea in are made of grass paper and are 100% compostable."

Visit Hebridean Teastore website:

or find on Facebook:

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Handmade on the Isle of Harris, Morag’s Tablet is divine. Made using a family recipe, hand

morag's tablet

Handmade on the Isle of Harris, Morag’s Tablet is divine!

Made using a family recipe, handed down to Morag by her sister who went on to teach her how to make it to an extremely high standard, a dangerously moreish, delicious Scottish tablet which Morag makes in traditional flavours as well as seasonal favourites!

Morag's tablet is something which can be enjoyed at any time of day, although we’re not sure about having it for breakfast!

"I’m delighted to say that I have sourced 100% biodegradable packaging, which is suitable to be recycled at home, so make sure to pop it in the right bin when you’re finished with the contents!"

A typically sweet and perfect Taste of the Hebrides!

SkyDancer Coffee Roasters

SkyDancer Art Café and Coffee Roastery in Lochboisdale, South Uist, was started in 2019 by Sarah and Mike. Their coffee is freshly roasted “using sight, sound, smell, then taste.” 

Their business does small batch roasting, and is a unique, bespoke business, and they are proud to be an Outer Hebridean artisan producer. Sarah says: “The ultimate aim is to provide customers with the best cup of coffee so that satisfaction is guaranteed.” For those customers wishing a bespoke blend, SkyDancer Coffee Roasters offer a consultation service – get in touch and discover your personal coffee blend!

“We consider every batch of beans and then treat then with the respect they deserve, paying close attention to origin, location, climate and drying methods.” The coffee is then served from a hand-made brewing machine which, combined with the hand-roasting, “brings out the nuances in each coffee bean and ensures natural flavours are brought to the cup.”

SkyDancer say their coffee is “Coffee with a Conscience: We aim to re-use and re-purpose as much packaging as we possibly can. We are one of the very few coffee roasters that use biodegradable and compostable materials. We contribute to our community with a percentage of proceeds going to both environmental and social causes. We couldn’t do it any other way.”

Hebridean Hampers is extremely pleased to be able to offer this delicious coffee in our hampers. As well as its rich and inviting aroma, the coffee comes in beautifully designed packaging, individualised for different stockists. We offer SkyDancer Coffee in small bags of ground coffee for you to sample and enjoy.

This is a new and vibrant taste of the Hebrides!

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The Hebridean Kitchen at Claddach Kirkibost

"Hebridean Kitchen is a social enterprise based at the popular community hub - The Claddah Kirkibost Centre, Isle of North Uist.

Our food production kitchen offers a range of delicious preserves, chutneys, confectionery and baked goods - all of which are exclusively handmade in small batches using the finest Scottish ingredients and local suppliers where possible.

We supply to many local businesses all over the Western Isles, as well as in the Isle of Skye and Edinburgh, and we are delighted to watch this continuously grow. Our small Hebridean Kitchen shop at the Claddach Kirkibost Centre attracts both locals and visitors all year round - visitors to the island have often said they like to take home with them a 'taste of the Hebrides'. Our Sweet Chilli Jam is our best seller - it's a must try!"

We agree! The Hebridean Kitchen Sweet Chilli Jam is an excellent accompaniment to the smoked fish, salami and cheese in our Hebridean Hampers and so we have included it in our 'Savoury Sensations' hamper. The Strawberry Preserve is luscious and full of fruit and flavour, and the Hebridean Kitchen Shortbread is a much sought-after local treat so we have added both of these delights to our new 'Sweet Treats' afternoon tea hamper.

Website and online shop:


trout hebrides

We are a small family business based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we wanted to create a business that is sustainable, bringing a taste of the Outer Hebrides to people’s dining tables wherever they are.

All our rainbow trout is hand-reared in Scotland, in the pure freshwater that flows through peat and rock, some of the oldest rock on earth, giving the fish a fresh clean taste.

We then carefully hand-cure, hand-smoke and hand-slice the trout to give it its delicate and distinct flavour.

We also hand-make our own hot-smoked trout pate – light and flavoursome with a surprising kick - using freshwater trout grown by us in the Isles of Harris and Lewis! 


A deliciously light and flavoursome 'Taste of the Hebrides'!


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e-teaket Isle of harris gin tea

Isle Of Harris Gin Tea incorporates the unique botanicals that the Isle Of Harris Distillers have selected for their fabulous gin, and creates a truly unique tea blend.

This is a herbal blend – completely caffeine-free - containing Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Cassia Bark and Sugar Kelp. The Sugar Kelp is hand-harvested from deep within the underwater forests of the Outer Hebridean sea by a local diver. This personal touch is what makes Sugar Kelp particularly special, bringing a distinctive flavour and unique smoothness to the gin and the tea.

As well as a hot tea brew, this gin-infused tea is delicious as a cold brew infusion, and also mixes perfectly with Isle of Harris Gin to make an exceptional tea cocktail.


handmade by heather -

harris tweed hearts

I'm a young Harris Tweed weaver, born and brought up on the Isle of Harris. I weave my own Harris Tweed and create Handmade Gifts and items from it, including the little tweed heart that travels with your hamper of Hebridean delights as a reminder that your hamper comes from the heart of the Hebrides.

For variety, I also use Harris Tweed from other weavers across the island. There are so many beautiful colours and patterns to choose from! All of my Harris Tweed is handwoven on a traditional Single Width Hattersley loom.


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